What is PTSD?


PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is anxiety or mental health condition which occurs by any traumatic/tragic event. The event can be anything traumatic according to the patient. It can either be child abuse, warfare, sexual assault, accident, unexpected death of any close ones, intense fear, or any other dreadful event.


Symptoms of PTSD


PTSD affects the patient’s life mentally. People tend to have problems in their personal and professional lives after being affected by PTSD. It can also affect the normal daily activities of the sufferer.


The symptoms of PTSD are of four types namely avoidance, negative changes in thinking and mood, intrusive memories, and changes in physical and emotional reactions.

Different people tend to have different symptoms of varying intensity.




  • Tend to avoid the places, people, the particular traumatic/tragic event, or the activities related to the event.


Negative Changes in Thinking and Mood


  • Emotional numbness, problems in close relationships, no positive emotions, loss of memory.
  • Detachment from family, friends, and loved ones.
  • Lack of interest in the daily works.


Intrusive Memories


  • Dreams, particularly nightmares.
  • Emotional distress or flashbacks.


Changes in Physical and Emotional Reactions


  • Sleeping or concentrating problems
  • Aggressive nature, Self-destructing behavior
  • Frightened, Irritability or always alarmed for danger


The intensity of these events is to be taken care of. They react differently for every person. You are required to see a doctor if the symptoms persist for over a month, you are unable to bring your life back on track, or have severe mental health conditions.


If you have self-destructing or suicidal thoughts or need emergency help, go and see your doctor as they will help you come out of PTSD.

For suicidal thoughts, one can also call for the helpline numbers such as 1800-121-3667 for emergency helps. One should immediately contact their near and dear ones for help and support.


PTSD Awareness Day is observed on 27 June, to let everyone know about PTSD and its symptoms. So the people would get knowledge on PTSD and they could help the people suffering. People can also donate to the ones who are suffering from PTSD for their effective and fast recovery.


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