Laparoscopic & General Surgery

Link Hospital leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance the precision and efficiency of laparoscopic and general surgical procedures.


Nephrology services at Link Hospital, where our commitment to excellence is reflected in a Advanced facility designed to provide comprehensive and advanced care for renal health.

Neuro & Spine Surgery

Our neurosurgeons utilize advanced neuro-navigation systems for intricate procedures. This technology enhances precision by providing imaging guidance during Neuro Spine surgery, minimizing risks and optimizing outcomes.

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

Link Hospitals boasts dedicated surgical operating theatres outfitted with the latest technology and precision instruments. Our commitment to maintaining the highest surgical standards ensures that our surgeons can perform intricate procedures with optimal precision, fostering positive outcomes for our patients.


Link Hospital understands the importance of accessibility. Through telemedicine, our orthopedic specialists provide remote consultations, ensuring that patients have convenient access to expert advice and guidance without the need for unnecessary travel.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

We understand the critical nature of surgical interventions. Our hospital features specialized intensive care units (ICUs) equipped with advanced monitoring systems, providing round-the-clock care for patients recovering from surgical procedures.